The role and responsibilities of education in economic empowerment of women- Bhatt Kirtanbhai D
Healthy Practices in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation - Urvi Bhatt
Study on HRM Components Before and After Adoption of Technology-D.K.Ghosh & Piyush N Goswami
Legal Education in India - Prof. J. D. Vaidya
The Tibetan Government-in-Exile and its Sovereignty - Dr. Purvi P. Soneji
IQAC in Improving Quality in Higher Education- Dr.Jagdishbhai R. Mahida
Role of IQAC in Planning and Execution of Quality Enhancement in Education - Trupti J. Patel
Religious Perspective of India - Prof. (Dr) Hiren Patel
સ્ત્રી માટે શાંતિની પૂર્વશરત - સમાનતા - ડૉ. હેતલ ઠક્કર
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