Freedom of Press - Dr.Binal S.Patel
Human Rights - Judicial Activism to Indian Context - Dr. Dashrath Choudhary
Effect of sports achievement by the members of the family on Physical Fitness of the child - Dr Dharmendra K. Dhanula
Effect of BMI (Body Mass Index) on Physical Fitness of College Students - Dr.Ramesh A. Faldu
પાંચકુહાડા ગામનો સામાજિક આર્થિક અભ્યાસ - પ્રા.ર્ડા. રમાબેન જે. શાહ & પ્રા. ર્ડા. ગોપાલભાઇ જે. પ્‍ાટેલ
Need of Resources Sharing and Consortia among University Libraries of Gujarat State- Maganbhai H. Desai
Kutch Tourism– Changing Standards- Rashmi Kumari Gautam
Productivity  Analysis  of Central  Public  Sector  Enterprises  with  special reference to  10 CPSEs: Pravin R Patel
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